Friday, February 3, 2017

2nd day: Nami Island, Petite France, K-Star Road

5th August 2016, Friday

We went out at 6.30am in the morning as it took roughly an hour and a half to go to Gapyeong station from our stay. We took the ITX but no seat was available for the train we were boarding at that particular time. We had to stand all the way till the last station. And these ITX need to buy ticket first. I did not know that so all of us just went direct to the platform before someone there told us that we need to buy the ticket first. And also it’s preferable to buy the seat online because when we want to buy the ticket during return journey, 4 hours before the boarding time, there was no seat. ITX cost 4300w 1 way.

Outside the station, we took the shuttle bus. Usually, we need to pay for 5000w to use the bus for 1 day, but we had the coupon from KTO so we board the bus FOC. Just remember to hold on the coupon until the end of the day. The earliest shuttle was at 9.10am. We actually reach there quite early so end up waiting for half an hour. Other ways to go to Nami Island is by taxi but since we will be going to Petite France later, we decided to just take the bus. After all, it’s free, anyway.

The best part about Nami Island is we had the chance to try the zipline. It was quite pricey, 38000w  but it was really fun and cool. That includes entrance to Nami Island and return journey by ferry. It was not planned, and most of us thought that since it is once in a lifetime chance, why not spend some money for it? The usual entrance fee to Nami is 8000w, with 30mins interval for the ferry.

                                          small ferry from zipline to nami island


I wander around Nami alone, cause somehow I walked too fast. Lol. I ended up leaving them behind. Went to see the winter sonata snowman, ostrich and few other places. After that, we went for our lunch at Nami-ok restaurant and had halal dakgalbi there. It costs 12000w per person, and the taxi that we took 4400w from Nami, around 1100w each. It was nice compared to the one I had in Mr Dakgalbi, Sri Petaling. 

Maybe cause it’s local dish there, so that’s why it was tastier. Luckily, the drinks there were refillable, so we filled our bottle with it. The restaurant also have place for muslim to pray, it’s located at the attic, with no fan or aircond. But we could not really ask for more. The auntie was also nice to us as she help to call for taxi, it’s hard to do that if you cannot really speak korean. 

Then, we took the taxi back to Gapyeong station and wait for the shuttle bus. From the station, it was a bit far and took half an hour to go to Petite France. I had this apps ‘Seoul Pass’ in my N5 so I got discount and only pay for 6000w instead of 8000w. It was a place full of photo spots but other than that, not much can be done, unless you’re interested in handcraft, exhibition and performance.

                                 teringat tempat ni dalam running man episod awal2

Then, we went back to Gapyeong station using the same shuttle bus. Reach Gangnam around 7pm, I want to go see the gangnamdol at kstar road. My Infinite doll is quite far, almost the last doll, if I am not mistaken. It took more than a km from the big gangnamdol near Exit 1, Gangnam station.

                                                       Infinite 😚

My travelmates were quite tired that day so they want to go back first. However, because I was hungry and it was still early, I decided to go to Yang Good BBQ lamb alone. It was not that far from Gangnam but nevertheless still need to take the train to Yeoksam station. Had a set of lamb rack following the waiter’s recommendation, add a bowl of rice and a can of sprite, total amount was 30000w. It was quite expensive for a dinner, but worth it. The meat is so tender, no smell and I wish I could order more, but nah. I do not want to spend too much for dinner.

                               wrote my expenditure that day on the tissue. phone no battery.

                                                       the sauce

Masa nak pergi restaurant ni, N5 tinggal 10% je battery, memang dah nazak. Sempat ambil 1 gambar, yang lain pakai gp pastu terus mati. Fikir2 kalau sesat ke apa, memang naya la juga, communication is cut off. Haha! Power bank pula kosong since x charge the night before. Fuh~ Tapi alhamdulillah, berjaya juga sampai studio. Siap jalan-jalan lagi kat area Hongdae malam tu.

2nd day : 8600w (ITX) + 38000w (Nami) + 12000w (dakgalbi) + 30000w (lamb) + 2000w (taxi) + 6000w (Petite france) = 96600w

Haha! sehari je spend nak dekat rm400. Fuh. Giler lah. Lol. 

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

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