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1st day: Incheon Airport, Hongdae, Myeongdong

4th August 2016, Thursday

It’s my first time in South Korea. One of 3 country in this world, that I’d love to go to. So, my flight was supposed to be at 8am, 4th of August. Was there since 10pm night before, along and nenek dropped me off. Spent time alone there since my travelmates only come during the morning. I don’t want to go through such hassle so I went too early. Slept for 3 hours, I think, around 1am. And spent time watching dramas on my Note5. Then, around 6am, went for early breakfast at KFC. 

Well, it was actually my first time going overseas. So I thought I was supposed to check in the luggage at different place than the outside, usual one. I went inside early only to discover, at the mesin xray, that I was supposed to drop it outside. Alhamdulillah, the kind staff drove me using the kereta (kowt) so I reach outside quite fast. And luckily, not much people were queueing so I get to reach the xray place at 7 something.

                               watching japanese drama on flight while having meal.

It took roughly 6 hours flying from KLIA2 to Incheon Airport. I slept, watched drama and ate inflight meal during those 6 hours. Sampai dekat Incheon dalam 3.20pm, baru lah berkenalan dengan travelmate, kawan2 N. So far so good la. Rasa macam boleh masuk, boleh ngam. Then, imigration, wait for the luggage, rupanya luggage depan mata. Semua tak perasan beg sendiri. Lol. 

After that, went to claim the simcard at Arex Travel. I booked and paid online already, cost 30000w since I used nanosim, so it has been activated when I got it. The others had to do a few steps to activate the simcard, with the help of the person at the counter. We did not take any pocket wifi cause if travelling in a group and we got separated, internet would be a problem. And since I might need to call Abah in UAE so that’s why I prefer the simcard.

                                                       EG (Evergreen) simcard

All of us already got our T-money (FOC) from Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) KL, we did not need to buy the pass. We just recharge the card at machine outside AREX area. And it also comes with a booklet of coupons. Not sure if they still give it around right now. I did not know that we can also use the T-money to board the AREX train. We ended up buying the ticket for that. Haha!

Anyway, we took the AREX to our airbnb stay located really close from Exit 2 Hongik University Station. Actually, this exit is a bit far from AREX but closer to Line 2. It’s a studio, complete with bathroom, shower, small kitchen and refrigerator. 1210 AED for 5nights, paid using abah’s card. So, RM334 per person, which amount to rm70/night. One thing that kind of spoil our stay was the aircond, it was not working. We went during summer so imagine how hot was it . Did complaint to the owner but he said that the aircond usually works.

                                       our room located in building next to Samsung.

                                                  tengok kat tingkap nampak joong ki.

We never meet the owner. The room used passcode lock so he just gave us the pin via airbnb. At first, we were not really sure if the room is located in the building but after calling the owner (doesn’t really help) and asking around, we finally found the place. Though there was no washing machine inside the room, there’s a self-laundry and dryer machine at basement. Quite scary to go there when I went to wash mine at 11pm. 

                                                         Namsan Orumi.

We relaxed a bit in the room before going out again around 7pm. We planned to go to Namsan tower but the crowds were too much. We do not feel like queuing so we just went to Myeongdong for shopping. From Myeongdong station, exit 3 to Namsan orumi was quite far, the next time we went, we just took taxi. Spend time there until 10pm something then we called the day off. Bought the candy, facial product, streetfood (eggbun) and some other things. 

                        Bought the egg bun, but accidentally dropped mine to the floor. 😒

                                   Honeystring candy. Uncle ni banyak cakap.. haha!

Took too much time looking for place to eat, but turns out the place was closed. It’s the only halal seafood restaurant in Myeongdong area.

Total expenditure first day : Rm334 (stay) + 30000w (simcard) + Tmoney (50000w) = rm632

that time the rate was 3.73.

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

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