Monday, August 29, 2016


It's getting worse these days. In the past, I had my own share of being bullied. Bt nothing physical, only mentally bullied, I think?

I used to cry often while otp with my abah bt it was not because i was homesick. It was because of this. If you don't do what they want, they're going to torture you at night, everywhere, all the time, in front of everyone. It was better cause I have great friends.

But still, because of all those things that I experienced, I started to be scared of people. Even now, I always pretend that I did not see you though I actually saw you from a far. I have problem to get close to people unless they reach out to me first.

And I never say this bt one of the reason I accepted the offer to move when I was form 4 was because I'm afraid that I'll be a bully. Since they said it's a 'tradition'. At that time, that was the only way out fr me.

I never blame the school bt I blame the seniors. In fact, I used to pray that those seniors will face misfortune throughout their life. Bt that was in the past. Right now, I hope that they'll have a good life. It hurts for me to forgive them but now I'm letting it go. "The one who forgave have bigger heart" right?

P/s: i think they don't have such thing right now. Or did they still?

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