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6th day: hallasan, jusangjeolli, cheonjeyeon fall, teddy bear

9th August 2016, Tuesday

Our day starts as early as 5.30 am. Took the taxi that we booked the night before. We used international taxi, the driver can speak english well. Total was 17000w from our studio to Gimpo Airport, took roughly 30mins. Our flight was at 6.25am. Nasib sempat check in apa semua. We took Eastar Jet, with return fare 77000w, quite cheap. We booked 4 months prior, and everyone need to register at the website to get such price. 

Arrived at airport at 7.30am. Then, go to the rental company by shuttle. We booked from KT Kumho/Lotte Rent-A-Car. I have surveyed lot of places and apparently, this company offer the cheapest rate. It was supposed to be 124800w for 3 days, however due to some miscommunication we had to pay more, which was 133000w (if not mistaken). 

The tips is that, the driver with IDP (international driving permit) must be the one who register in the website and booked the car online. And supposely the driver must have the credit card since the payment cannot be made cash. I did not know about this, but luckily one of us had credit card under her name. If no credit card, you cannot book the car. I did not know that since when I made the booking online, there was nothing to pay and nothing was mention. Fuh~

we only reached somewhere at the red line. Lol.

Then, we go direct to Hallasan National Park, following Yeongsil trail. It’s supposed to be one of the shortest trail but we failed to make it. We just went maybe less than half of the journey, one-third of it? Lol. Semput dan x larat. Paid 2000w for parking. Then, we made our way to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, Teddy Bear Museum and Jusangjeolli. Paid 2500 w for the waterfall. 

The teddy bear place was a waste. I went inside alone, I mean, you know how much I like teddy bear, right? But you cannot really touch the bear, or hug it, maybe some of it, but most of it were only for exhibition. Though they also have some kind of shop selling the teddy bear (but it was quite pricey, again). Entrance fee is 10000w and it’s not worth it. Just go somewhere buy some teddy bear. Lol. 

Had chance to perform prayer at parking space, lol. Some people can do it inside the car, but I don’t know. I myself feel not proper to do that. It depends on people. So I ended up doing it standing outside car, under the tree. I brought prayer mat and garments with me. KTO said that there’s a prayer room at Kensington Jeju Hotel but it was actually for staff used. You guys, please don’t go. Haha!

                                          koreans got lot of side dishes.

                           forgot to take the pic from outside, but do remember this interior.

I forgot the name of this one beach we stopped by along the way to next destination. Had early dinner at Yeonsong Galchiyeori, no English sign, I just ask the people around there about the restaurant. Had braised hairtail fish here, the portion is a lot, but the ‘kuah’ or gravy is little, not enough for us four. It was quite tasty. 40000w for 4 person. 

After all the places, we finally arrived at our guesthouse for the night. The room’s is very comfortable, but it’s different from the one I booked on I actually asked for a double queen room but we got a 2 double decker room. But it has bathroom inside, so we don’t have to share with other guest. Sun Flower Minbak Guesthouse is the name, only cost 20000w per person. It’s located 5 min from Seongsan Ilchubong, since we planned to go there to see the sunrise next morning. 

The couples were nice too and the uncle can speak a bit English. I also tried to speak a little Korean with him and he said I speak quite good. Lol. All thanks to the korean dramas that I watched. He also gave me and N a can of coffee each, too, the next morning. 

Total: 4250w (taxi) + 33250w (car) + 77000w (flight) + 750w (parking) + 2500w (waterfall) + 10000w (teddy bear) + 2000w (jusangjeolli) + 10000w (dinner) + 20000w (guesthouse) = 159750w

p/s: Using GPS in Jeju was quite simple, just key in the phone number, and you’re there. At first, our GPS in the rental car uses English but somehow it got changed to Korean after a while. Well, at least we get to learn directions in Korean. Haha!

p/s: Refer to my guide for anything. Or please drop comment. 

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