Thursday, January 31, 2013

nobelist mindset~

this program is done..
after 5 days having classes and etc..

at first,
i was forced to go.
i didn't want to go.
i wanted to have some rest at home.

i even planned to just stay at home,
pretended like i know nothing abt that program.
well, basically memang x tahu pape pn..
tetiba kena listed untuk pergi..

but after going to the first meeting,
at the seminar room,
tetiba rasa excited + bersemangat giler2..
don't know why but at that time,
i know that it was worth it.
i mean, this program..

everyone might think that we only have
lectures and all those boring stuff..
for everyone's information,
the whole thing was not abt lectures.
we get to set up our goal,
(ingat boleh buat sendiri2 ke?)
main fruit throwing, bt actually things throwing sebenarnya..
and learn mathematics!!

well, mathematics is always fun!
we got to learn binary code,
ke gray code ntah..
and fermat's last theorem,kowt?
and learn that dalam dunia ni,
ada banyak giler dimension,
3d,4d,5d,6d,7d sampai la 30d..

senang citer memang seronok la!!
walaupun pening juga la masa mula2 tgk..

memang la rasa rugi juga sebab terlepas,
kelas lit_app, chem_tut and stat_lect,
tapi this is once in a lifetime punya occasion.
ingat senang ke nak dapat?
in fact, i was grateful that i was chosen.

and there was this one time,
when en salleh asked me,
"macam mana hari ni ?seronok?"

so, i answered,
"best la juga..dapat research pasal science..."
and blablabla...

then he told me this,
"tak sia2 saya masukkan nama kamu.."

then i was speechless, of course..
never did i thought pun..
i mean, really??
kalau awal2, memang la marah orang yang listed me,
but then, my perception changed, remember?

so that this post won't be too long,
let me conclude that,
this workshop was worth it.
and benefits us in a way that
those who didn't go, will not understand.

and it is right if i said,
those who rejected this opportunity,
were at loss.
mark my word...
i mean, those who do not want to go,
for the sake of going to class la..

i mean,
most lecturers didn't come in pn..
and u guys only missed a few classes.
in fact, if rajin pun,
boleh je pergi kelas kejap2..

like, an hour masa pagi2..
and fr kelas yang pukul 4 tu..
boleh je pn..kan3??

let's not ramble anymore.
that's it.
sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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