Friday, February 20, 2015

#FH1 Restoran Hj Hassan Ayam Kampung~

so this is basically my first review.

today is the day I checked in to our new hostel
in Cheras.
since we have no class tomorrow and the day after,
i decided to go back home,
instead of staying there doing nothing.

after cleaning the room,
and putting everything in place,
we went for our lunch.
from cheras to bangi,
it takes about 10-20 mins.

we went to this restaurant that sells ayam kampung.
the address is here, can use googlemaps

Restoran Hj Hassan Ayam Kampung
No. 17, Jalan 7/7A, 
Seksyen 7 (Jalan 7/7A, Seksyen 7.), 
43650 BangiSelangor

let's start first with the food, of course!
i think it's quite good.
it's tasty!
i tried ketam masak cili api,
ayam kampung goreng,
and gulai siput sedut.
you would want to ask for another plate of rice,
since the dishes were really nice.

however, the dishes were quite spicy,
like really spicy if you take the sambal belacan.
however, for the gulai and kuah lemak,
it's not that spicy.

the portion depends on how you take them,
because it is nasi campur style.

it is quite pricey but since the food is so nice,
it's worth it la..
can see the price yourself as well as the menu.
there are various lauk that you can choose.
my suggestion is better to take a portion of the lauk
in small plates compared to each person taking
2-3 dishes,
when you go with a group of people.
it's less expensive that way.

as for cleanliness,
the restaurant was graded as B.
for me personally,
it should be A because they provided hand soap,
like real clean and smell nice,
not the one that most restaurant would
dilute with water,
so that the quantity would increase.

i'm not sure about food preparation though,
since i didn't go to the kitchen.

as it was lunch time,
the surrounding is quite hectic, like any other restaurant
with nasi campur style.
if you do not like listening to noises
coming from children and other people,
and you prefer peace and silent so that you can
have your food happily,
better if you do not come.

it's said that the place got 2 storey,
but i didn't get to check upper floor.

in summary,

food - 7/10
price - 6/10
menu - 6/10
cleanliness - 5/10
ambience - 4/10
overall - 6/10

p/s: writing food review in english is difficult.
       i'm gonna use malay language,
       or bahasa rojak next time.

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