Saturday, July 26, 2014

2 plus 2 equals to 2~

well, just reach home like half an hour ago.
i know, i know.
it's quite late.
but anyway, thanks to inche driver.

in the morning, ibu had school,
and me and my sis went to get haircut.
yup, i did get some haircut.
and that's why we go out a bit late in
the afternoon..

we departed from malacca around 2pm,
and made our way to ktm seremban.
then, we took the ktm and monorail
all the way to kenanga wholesale city.
lose count of how many times I've been here

however, this was the first time going by lrt,
so it's a bit tiring??
had to walk quite far from the station.

then, we separated and me and my sis,
went to low yat,
to take something,
and then met ibu and her friend at sogo.

well, i was making a fuss,
not to get so excited for this raya.
u know, for many reasons.
but it turns out that,
I have 5 pairs of baju raya.
well, that was too much, I guess?
since along only have 3.

and with a pair of red high heels,
that's so shiny,
and look a bit like jelly.
was gonna buy wedges but
I'm a bit picky.
pergi banyak tempat pun x jumpa yang berkenan.
should I say choosy?

tetiba gatal nak beli peplum x berapa peplum.
but it's purple.
so it was bought at semua house, earlier.
got myself an inner magic,
but couldn't find inner neck.
i don't wear that inner ninja,
because I would feel suffocated???

and then we took the lrt to bts.
well, thought that we could have kfc there,
since we just had drinks for iftar.
but then, not many things were available.
seriously, only a few.

so we had some,
and most of the shop there were almost close.
i guess those restaurants close at 10 pm.

and waited for a long time for the ktm.
baru nak compliment sebab masa nak pergi
petang tu, ktm agak sharp la ikut timetable
kat website.
almaklumlah, it's been a while since
last time I take ktm.

duduk kl naik lrt monorel je.
in sya Allah next sem pindah cheras dah,
kena guna khidmat ktm semula.
alhamdulillah, I passed my final. no repeat.

at the highway,
singgah la sat dekat restoran jejantas ayer keroh.
I've never been there so it was quite fascinating?
stopped for solat jamak.
then, going straight to our home.

i got crazy, a bit.
when we reach home, I saw the pelita have
been lit up by abah..
ouh, yup. abah didn't go with us. adik too.
so i got excited, and took the bunga api,
and played alone.
at 2 am.

this one is really nice, really!!

then, got hungry, so i figured out that I should eat.
well of course, in the middle of night,
you got no option other than maggi.

so, that's how my day goes.
quite hectic, isn't it?


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