Wednesday, January 28, 2015

short sem break 2015~

Assalamualaikum and hi!
What's up everyone?
It's been months since I last updated this blog.
Suddenly feel like writing.

currently on sem break.
about 2 weeks, i think?
at first, it felt so long but now that
there's only few days left,
holiday feels so short.

Done many things at home.
kemas bilik, sapu, mop,
basuh tandas,
basuh karpet, tikar getah nak bawa balik asrama,
balut novel dengan plastik pembalut buku,
basuh kasut, sandal bagai,
baking, desert making,
prepare snacks and stuff,
binge-watching dramas and movies, (esp korean)
and learn dancing.

but as usual,
one thing that I would never do is, cooking.
yup. cooking for lunch or dinner.
I would never do that.
The answer's simple.

Last 2 years ago,
I made tomyam and I had to finish it,
since no one like it.
It's too spicy, but not too sour.
I love very spicy and sour one
so I've decided that,
if I cook, people will not eat much.
so my effort get wasted.

one thing that I know will happen in this house,
"once you start cooking, you'll always need to cook"
something like that.
which i don't like, of course.

it's not that i don't want to learn,
it's just that i don't want to cook.
ibu said she learnt cooking after she got married to abah.
so why should i start now?
it's not like i'm going to get married next year,
or probably this year.

bottom line is, I would not cook.

talking about kpop,
i kind of regret getting involved with it.
I should have not start watching one.
if i did, it would be easy.

I know that such entertainment is actually haram.
kata orang, "ini semua dunia je ni"
i guess i've been too absorbed in this.
I just don't know how to stop being too duniawi.
I should have start preparing for the hereafter.
but i don't know.
i just don't know how to stop.

it actually started way back then.
around 2009, if i'm not mistaken.
my sister brought CD of kdramas.
It was you're beautiful and full house.
that were my first kdramas.
the addiction didn't start there.

it started much later in 2011.
I started to know more about kdramas.
and having friends with the same hobby.
from then on, i start watching and collecting them.
i don't upload them back because i know that it's illegal.
i just keep it to myself.

then, somebody start to ask me if i have this certain drama.
and it was spread around.
then, running man came.
my sister brought them from her friend.
and i started binge-watching on that.
at that moment, there was already 80++ episodes.
and after watching everything,
i started to watch them on regular basis,
one per week as it was only aired once a week in Korea.

At first, I really despise people who like kpop,
i've said these many times to people,

kdrama is not kpop,
kpop is more towards music.

that statement was true,
however, both were related.
in kdrama or kshow, there will be bgm.
and these bgm are most often the kpop songs.

so i start getting involved with kpop itself,
around 2013.
i accidentally listened to kpop songs on youtube,
and i thought that they were not so bad.
it started with girls generation.
at first, it was because of Yoona's drama,
and I kind of like her because she's so pretty.
natural beauty! (not after surgery)

and then comes EXO with their famous song,
Growl and Wolf.
I started watching their variety show and
they are so funny.
like real funny.

and then i started watching Apink.
They are cute girls, i must admit.
Though not so pretty, their voices are nice.
Apink's fanclub is Pink Panda.

and then, Mblaq. I was an A+.
I watched Mblaq because of Lee Joon.
I mean, he seems like a very bad guy in Iris 2,
so I would like to know his real personality,
turns out he's actually funny and bubbly.
kata orang, "entah pape la budak ni"
something like that.

and then in 2014, I kind of fall in love with
Super Junior!
I learn about E.L.F and stuff.
watched their variety show.
they are more funny compared to previous groups.
so i changed.

and towards this year,
I've started fangirling on Infinite.
and I was like, whoa..
these guys are so manly.
like real man.
almost everyone in that group go for workout.
and have those choc abs.
and I watched their shows and of course they are funny.
yeah, I'm an Inspirit.

seeing that I keep changing my fav groups,
i hope that there will be a day when I can get away
from these kpop stuff.
I feel very guilty from this kind of entertainment.
I wanna do good things and not be astray anymore.
I wanna think more about akhirat compared to duniawi.
Most importantly, I wanna change.

Well, that's it.
so, da~
Sekian terima kasih.

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