Thursday, August 30, 2012

it's a disease~

so, just telling abt this disease
that have infected me.

to stop suspicions from arising,
here i am trying to explain abt the
not infectious disease la..

the symptoms are,

-making weird expression
-faking expression
-wrong expression for the current situation
-avoiding eye contact
-changing the topics

and more to come.. haha!!

well, this is a disease of expressionless.
or another word is emotionless.
when u caught me having the symptoms stated above,
just ignore me..
don't ask..
u're making it worst.

it's not contagious.
so, u don't have to avoid me.
u won't be infected.
as it's a very special disease
that rarely occur.

hanya orang special je yang kena.haha!

bt, i'm not in the worst part yet.
i still can recover.
because, only the happy reaction
that come naturally..
other than that??
it was quite unrealistic..
seriously.. ;)

sekian, terima kasih.

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