Sunday, August 19, 2012

last moment~

so, we went to the mines.
had a great time there,
it was a hangout + iftar + farewell party..

           penatnya tunggu..

so, let's start with the trip first..
we waited fr din coz he's taking more time thn ever.
so tht's why we missed the first bus,
and had to wait fr another 30 mins.

      nah, jk.. ;)

everything seems flawless.
we reached the mines around 2 pm,
so, went fr zuhur first la..

and then went to arcade,
tah pape je..
watch the 3 stooges..
sangat klakar la citer tu..

     seriously, a kid??

after tgk movie yg sangat kelakar tu,
we went to bowling plak.
yeah, we're having fun..lalala~
bt then,
i feel bored so i stopped playing,
and changed with sappy.

then, i wandered alone to the exhibition hall,
and bought Hell's Heroes which cost only rm5..
u see, i do not really like to read english books,
so, when they are not too expensive,
i'll buy it..

time for solat asar!
then, wandering around again...
got myself 2 scarfs.
act, already bought one on internet.
so, dah banyak da scarf..lalala~

then, iftar..
biasa la..
my classmates mostly makan dengan begitu pelahap..
teruk btul..
since our bond is really close,
sharing drinks don't really matter..
just need to overturn the same straw la..

        one word to describe, GILA...

lepas solat maghrib,
manusia yang nak fly tu pn,
treat us to tutti frutti.
i don't eat ice cream tht much
so, i don't join their feast la..

         very gay.. 

dan naik cruise untuk balik,
boleh plak si sappy a.k.a syamil
tertinggal kasut dye yg chantek dan mahal tu??
ouh, it's wedges..
i've tried one last year,
so definitely not fr this year's style..
fr me la..

need to wait fr her to get back to the mall again,
bt we don't really mind pn,
coz we felt pity fr her.haha!

           titanic scene..lalala~

sementara, tunggu train yang berjam-jam nak sampai,
sempat lah ambil gambar jap..
orang lain tgk,
ape ke peliknya kanak2 riang ni..

sampai gak kat kpz..
dengan selamatnya, yeah!!

           pliz ignore me yang sangat pondan dalam ni..

so, that's the last moment with ashwin..
tp xde la last moment sangat,
InsyaAllah all of us will meet again in a few years..
bertemu dan berpisah itu adalah suratan, kan??

             k7 empire!!

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

p/s : this post cam banyak gila gambar..lalala~

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