Saturday, April 7, 2012

counter strike~

so, i was trying to play this game.

because i think shooting can't be that hard.
everyone are busy playing tetris battle,
and i played until this rank,
and got bored,
because i started to lose...

another reason is,
i've stopped reading novel
so i need something fr me,
to release my stress.
i didn't choose dota bcause,
i already tried it last year,
and it's a FAILURE~

back to my story....
so, i asked some help from my friends.
they agreed to help me,
bt i end up playing,
without knowing how to shoot,
change or buy the gun..

that's why i hate to ask for people's help.
they say they will help u,
which gives u some hope..
bt in the end,
they don't...
they even avoiding u..

the main point is,
NEVER ask help from others!

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

1 comment:

  1. hey,u forgot to mention what a pro i am in this game ;)