Saturday, April 7, 2012


i found a heartbreak person.
it's not me!!
coz myself won't throw me away...


when a girl dump a guy,
the guy just wait for half a second,
and find another girl!

when a guy hurts a girl,
the girl cried,
and kept thinking of what would she do,
after the break..

TRUE story!!!

it happened many times,
i don't even know how to react,
when i had friends who suffer
from this prob..

guys might be sweet,
and cool and romantic,
 use figurative languages,
who knows if they're using the
very same word with other girls.

show me a guy friend who are so faithful!
can't even find one kan?
kalau ada pn,
it's a rare occasion la..
but sama je,
some girls are cheating too...

to get a girl to fall in love with u,
TEXT her 24/7,
and keep her flattered!!
and remember to be SWEET...
don't even have to CALL everyday.
or treat for a dinner.
or spend all of ur time with her..
and then,

don't want to talk abt this thing.
it's a boring topic pn..
tickles my ears btul la..

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

p/s : i never FALL in love la..
idk how does it feel when u're heartbroken...

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