Sunday, May 6, 2012

my family visit~

my family did visit me.

my ibu made some nasi lemak,
bought some ayam goreng!!ngee~
and also a birthday cake,
which have my adik's name too la.
my sis made a choc cake.
ouh2,got puding too..hehe..

my tuk alang datang juga..
i have such a big family,right?
met my nenek too!
last time i met her,
was when i went back last month,
not last week, ok??

got a big teddy bear!!
it's so cute tht i don't feel like giving any name to it.
any suggestion,
feel free to contact me. :D

i have the strawberry,the kura2
and this big teddy bear.
it's FAT like me.
nah, maybe i'm much more big than the teddy.

at nyte,
my ayam / sappy / bakal isteri kepada bakal ustaz
gave me a choc cake.
katanya dia yang buat.
*that's why fasha like her, she know how to bake cakes
bt can't cry,
i don't cry on sweet occasion.

my best friend gave me this cute card.
it's really nice,
and i'm thinking of keeping it in this file of memories.

remember the file that i keep most of my letters,
notes frm my friends,
and also birthday card?
yup,that one.

if i got the card secretly,
without any sender's name,
i would think that it was from a girl.
i mean, only girl would do that kind of irritating errand,
i mean, which guy would love cutting papers,
and cutting and so on..

i'm not throwing it away.
unless u told me so la..
i also won't shed the card into pieces,
or burn it into ashes.
hehe.if u know what i mean.

thanks my sweetest family and friends.
gonna remember this la.

i still remember me crying
on my birthday when i was small.
if i post that pic,
everyone's going to call me crybaby..haha!

sekian, terima kasih. :)

p/s : one checked on my wish list.. :D

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