Saturday, June 9, 2012

my holiday~

had a great holiday.
watching RM and all movie...
i don't study at all, seriously.

i only open the bio reference book
bcoz i need to do a pp presentation.
if not, the book's going to be left
just like the add math ref book..
hmm..where did i put tht book,huh?

after a week of silence,
i finally switch on my phone.
got a text frm a friend.

then, i off my phone back..
nobody's going to text me pn..
i've always been forever alone..
i mean,
no human want to be close to me except my family

that's what i meant by
forever alone la..
coz i know that ALLAH will always be with me.
even if i have no friend.. :)

slalu ramai orang salah faham...
tension nya...

being home means
i can't say "LAME la..."
to anyone..
coz my adik doesn't know the meaning..
ouh.i really want to say it la..

being at home
menjadikan saya lebih gemuk!!
maklumlah,bila2 masa sahaja,
nugget,fries,chicken ball dan yg seangkatan dgnnya,
boleh dikeluarkan dari fridge
dan digoreng oleh saya..hihi!!

this is a part of me that u never gonna ever take away frm me..

hw addmath last week lg da siap..
tinggal design logo je
dan itu pn dah disiapkan kelmarin.. complete!!

presentation bio pn hari isnin yg lalu dah disiapkan.
walaupn godaan RM terlampau kuat,
saya mampu menyiapkan kerja rumah.

about studying,
let's try this.
i'll start studying after i watch all episodes of RM.
can we make it tht way??

sekian, terima kasih.

p/s : how can i love when i'm afraid to fall.... ;)

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