Saturday, June 30, 2012

titik persamaan~

earlier today,
we played these few games
during PA class..

saya telah mencari beberapa titik persamaan..
dan yeah!jumpa..
yang pasti, ramai je pn x suka kucing..
ramai nya yg suka purple..
bestlah juga..

tetiba keluar soalan..
saya SINGLE..
btullah la tu..
memang single pn..

and then,
petang tu,
masa british council,
ada soalan yg ala2 sama..

Which is better, single or married?
haha!!of course i choose single
just to heat the atmosphere up..

the next one which is also quite interesting,
what is better, having kids or no kids??
i choose no kids fr the same reason as b4..
just to heat up the atmosphere..

then, we start quarelling..
the atmosphere is quite the same as in my English class.
we've been debating on certain motion,
since Mr H wants us to fight..

and at night,
i did something fun..
which is tricking my bestfriend..
it was awesome at first,
but he's too easy to be deceived.
and so it became boring at the end..
when it's boring,
i'll just tell the truth then..

ate fries and nugget late at night..
i like everything fried at home, of course..
it's good tht i'm not overweight or obese yet..
i need to be healthy, seriously..

i'm quite stressed since i can't watch euro final.
i want to see with myself,
which team will win..
Spain or Italy..
the game is on monday's morning la..
i thought tht i can watch it,
that's also one of the reason i went home.. :(

sekian,terima kasih.

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