Saturday, September 22, 2012


having fever is ain't that great.
got used to it
coz i always fall sick
every fortnight..haishh~

as usual,
where there's fever,
the cold and the cough come altogether.
which is quite sickening fr me,
it's a complimentary set of fever.

orang cakap,
sakit boleh menggugurkan dosa,
jadinya, saya akan bersabar la..hihi!!

sepatutnya petang ni dah baik da..
sebab selalunya,
without taking the meds,
the fever only last for a day,

then came the cold..
wonder why it's taking a longer time..
maybe, something is not really right with me la..


been watching ttby until episode 12 already.
it's a nice drama,
coz it's based on hana kimi..
but as usual, that doesn't happen in real life.

but somehow,
i feel like the actors are somewhat pathetic.
i mean, the storyline itself la..
why is it so hard to say,
"i like you" or even "i love you"
to the person that u love..

and also,
when someone give love to u,
why don't u just accept it,
why didn't u just give and take??
and on top of that, the guy is quite rich kowt?haha!
why should u choose the one that u like,
instead of someone who has been liking u..

i don't get it la..
what's with love, anyway??
i seriously, don't get it..

pergi ke bandar berjalan-jalan,
minum cool blog seorang diri,
beli roti untuk dimakan,
beli supplement pasti x habis nanti..

x berbakat nak cipta2 pantun..
harap maklumlah ye..
pape pn,
da lama x minum cool blog,
sedap la juga..

but i wonder why,
choc oreo yang slalu diminum,
tetiba rasa pelik pula..
maybe because of the fever kowt?
is it?i'm not really sure la..

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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