Monday, September 17, 2012

what a nightmare~

slept early last night..
the moment we arrived home,
i quickly get into the tilam la..

while the shawl is still on,
and the baju kurung too,
coz i didn't get to change last night..
was too sleepy, seriously..

and x sempat basuh kaki,
that's why la dapat nightmare..

i hope that wouldn't happen la..
i seriously don't want to lose any friend anymore..
O Allah, pliz make this wish come true.
and pliz grant us straight a + in our spm..
amin!! :)

because of the nightmare,
i woke up quite early hari ni..
and send a text..
just to make sure that the person is alright.

and got a quick reply..
so, it's good la coz nothing happen..
alhamdulillah! :)

i don't want to have any regret
when something happen.. :D

dan hari ni,
ada orang nak datang rumah..
my atuk2 sedara, insyaAllah..

since my nenek and my along xde,
so it's me la kan yang kena kemas rumah..
as usual, bila saya TER-rajin sikit,
something will happen..
selalunya pinggan, mangkuk dan etc akan pecah la..
that's why i can't be too rajin..
it's like a package kowt??

sekian, terima kasih.. ;)

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