Wednesday, December 12, 2012


well, i'm currently in perak.
can't wait to go back tomorrow.
in sya Allah!!

can't believe tht i have a stingy sister..
on top of that,
she didn't pay compensation to me.
u see,
her tiny little pet, sugar glider,
bite me real hard.
shouldn't i get some kind of pampasan??

berdarah kowt??
but i don't mind abt the bloody part.
i like blood!!
i do sounds like a vampire, right??
bt still,
haiwan tu gigit cam nak tembus je..
teruk betul..
hmmm, parut lagi..haha!!x abis2..

been watching korean dramas.
maklumlah x de buat pape pn.
bangun pn nak dekat tengahari,
trus lunch,
then, tgk drama sepanjang hari.
stop sekejap sebab pergi tandas,
ataupn solat,
takpn makan..

daripada korea,
tgk citer jepun pula..
tp best!!
my handsome butler~

tetiba berangan ada butler.
tolong potongkan ayam/daging yang besar,
tuangkan air,
buat macam2 la..
kalau ada mesti best..
nanti xde la susah nak makan ikan.
boleh suruh mr butler buangkan tulang dia,
lepas tu makan dgn gembira..

bt anyway,
it's a drama.
so, it's fake.
______________close case________________

last night,
my bff texted me..
it's bestfriend forever,
supposed to be la, bt he was the one leaving.
and yet he said that i've forgotten him??
well, i'm doing that.
who cares??haha!!

i've started being forgetful,
about some random stuff.
can't recall how my current,
and only best friend looks like.

i should bang my head against the wall,
harder, right?
in case of it become worst??

sekian, terima kasih. ;)

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