Saturday, October 22, 2011

jadi orang baik~

So,ths time,
I’ll be talking abt how to be better thn u are…

Be a good person to ur self first.
Ths includes, nt to lie,nt to do bad things,
Nt commiting suicide,nt eating bad food,
Nt acting bad and do not cause problems to urself.

Follow the rules…
Cause if u didn’t,
U will end up with punishment.
Fr example,
If teacher said,
Do not step on the grass!!
Then,don’t la!!

Do u know what happen to the grass if u step on it??
The plant’s going to die…trust me!!
Do u want the cute green plant to die??
Of course nt,right??
U would want to help maintaining the
Ecological balance.

Same goes to,
If teacher said,
Do not ‘fly’ without wings.
Then, do not ‘fly’ la kan??
Urm,what if u get into an accident on ur way
To the destination??
Who’s going to be blamed??
Urself right??

And what if,
Someone kidnapped u…
And no one knows…
Ur wardens didn’t know bout tht…
To make it worst,
The kidnapper took ur phone
So tht u can’t make emergency calls.
After tht,they sell u at the black market.

Or,maybe they sell ur body parts like,
Kidney,eyes or even,ur heart?
U didn’t think tht might happen to u, isn’t it??

Stop complaining…
Be grateful of what u have..
Remember there’s a malay’s proverb tht says,

“yang dikejar tak dapat,yang dikendong berciciran”

Just take what people give u,
And don’t complain.
Ths means,if ur mom served u,
Some veggies,‘telur goreng’ and ‘kicap’,
Just eat tht…be grateful,remember??

Don’t u know tht some people in some part of Africa,
Don’t even had meal once a day.
That’s why they suffered frm kwashiorkor and marasmus.
U’re so grateful since u don’t have to experience tht.

And last,(tired of typing already)
Equality…treat everyone the same.
Be humble and kind to them.
Ths is actually cn be so simple.
What u have to do is at least,
Say HI whenever u meet anyone.

U also can treat them,
Like giving chocs or sweets to ur friend.
Bt tht cn waste ur money la…
U cn give advices to them,
Chat with ur friend,
(bukan mengumpat,ok)
Hang out and do fun stuffs…

Don’t u see tht it’s so easy to change??
So,what are u waiting fr??
Let’s change fr the better,
And we cn have a better world…. J

Sekian,terima kasih. ;)

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