Saturday, October 8, 2011

makan2 lagi~

hello peeps!!
how's ur saturday??
had fun??
me either...

i woke up real early.
i mean,
i woke up around 9 am on every saturday.
so,it's a big news la kan
if i wake up at 6 am??
(fr me la,obv..)

last nyte,
i accidentally slept so early..
so,i woke up at 3 am
and performed my prayer.
i tried to download some movie on the net
bt it's freaking slow,
and i fell asleep.

then only,
i woke up at 6 am
and didn't gts at all after tht.

today i just do nothing at home.
had breakfast and lunch as usual.
test drive someone's iPhone..
until 6 kowt??

after tht,
i helped my ibu to make kuih siput.
haha!!klakar giler..
i made some and i quited.
then i watched upin ipin 
sinchan and doraemon!!

at nyte,
we went out to buy some things.
we dine at mcd too!!
sangat sedap!!
bt what's important is tht
how we managed to finish up the food.

i don't want to have burger,
bt since my ibu ordered a dinner box set,
i just eat la kan??
to choose between quarter pounder
and cheeseburger,
ain't tht easy ryte??

so,i decided to take the one
tht comes in my sight first.
yg paling best is tht,
i've got to eat FRIES!!!
yippie!! *melonjak kegembiraan

my adik yg sangat kekenyangan..haha!!

and now,
here i am,
so full...
feeling like throwing up
bt tht would be a waste ryte??

selepas upacara menghabiskn makanan... :P

ok then.
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

p/s:sekiranya anda tdk begitu tahu pasal
IT,jangan gatal2 nak guna iPhone ye?? 


  1. wah..went to mcd ya..
    no wonder i also feel that i want to go to mcd..
    and i've done it..:D buying gcb burger..altough my first thought is quarter pounder with cheese..but i prefer gcb..after watching iklan kat tv last night, without hesitation we go there even the clock showed 9.30 p.m already..:D (because i don't like to go out after 9 o'clock..:P )'s a secret you know..

  2. Ouh, seriously??haha.i'm going to tell ibu...hehe.nah,jk la..i'll keep it as a secret.ngee~btw,yesterday was freaking awesome..if u're there,maybe it's gonna be a boring lah.again,just kidding. ;)

  3. kidding pun agak2 la..nasib baik i bukan jenis kaki sentap menyentap ni..:D

  4. sentap x sentap??ingat wa kesah ke??