Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mr Knows Everything~

Heyya guys.
So,whatcha doing??
Having ur meal??

Well,I’m trying to be concerned here
Of what’s happening to the world.
The world ain’t a better place to live now.

War’s everywhere,
And murders too..
And politics…
Seriously,I don’t really like
Those kind of things.

Ok!!i do read abt those things.
I read newspapers,listen to the radio,
And even watch the news.
I also surf the Net to find more info.

It’s just tht,
I don’t really like to talk abt those things.
I mean,I cn give out my thoughts,
Bt tht can only be shared to some people la..
Since u didn’t know,let me tell u why..

Some people in ths world,
Thinks tht they’re always right.
They do not want to accept people’s idea
Even if it’s clearly proven tht they’re on the wrong side.

Maybe,they’ve always been right,
Tht they forgot tht HUMANS made mistake sometimes.
So,dealing with these people,
Cn sometimes cause a big fight.
That’s what I’m trying to avoid la..

U see,
When I’m trying to give my opinions,
Tht kind of person will like,
Denying all of my points.
Ok,let me give a name to them.
Mr Knows Everything (MKE)

So,MKE who thinks tht they’re always right,
Will rebud and rebud people’s opinion,
And being so emotional…
And that’s how the fight starts…

I have a very few MKE friends.
Everytime they tried to bring up any issues,
I will just keep in silent,
Listening to their points,
And keep ths in my mind,
“they might be true or wrong”

When I had free time,
I search fr the issue,
And find more info frm mags,internet,tv’s and newspaper.
And then,I’ll know whether tht MKE is right or nt.
(usually,it’s found tht they’re nt on the right side)

Do not get into fight.
If u have MKE friends like I have,
Just do what I said.
Fight doesn’t bring any good to u.

Bt,if u’re the MKE,
Stop being tht.
Do u know how people hate it,
When u always think tht u’re right??

Sekian terima kasih. ;)

p/s:I’m nt being emotional,ok??
       If I’m being one,then I wouldn’t be talking abt ths.

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