Sunday, July 10, 2011

3,2,1 love~

hehe!juz finish watching ths la,
boleh la..
juz nice..

bt then,
i think ths movie
ain't real..

ok,to think of it
how could a best friend
had a crush on his best friend?

i mean,after knowing
all the bad side of her,
how could he?
it doesn't make sense la..
never happen in reality..

and how could he,
as a bestfriend,
purposely extend his study
until 8th sem,
juz to wait fr his best friend,
so tht she'll nt be alone
in tht college?
what i mean?

betapa x logik nya citer ni..

and juz because,
the ratio of girls to guys is
the girl in the story,
are being crazy,
she tried to flirt with 
tht nazril..haha!!
bt she's so sweet la
even if it's like,

"perigi cari timba" ??

everyone should watch ths,
unrealistic movie la..
we have to support our local movies..

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