Sunday, July 17, 2011

it's all abt girls

Idk why la
Bt i kind of don't really
Like guys or girls

I think
It's true tht i only like myself
Coz to some extent
Nvm la...

Anyway,i got a list here
I've been observed
It's about girl
Sorry if it wasn't true,ok?

I'm just sharing my point
Basically frm what i've got la
Bt ths things doesn't apply to everyone la..


1.they like to talk about boys.and when they talk about it,their eyes will shine so bright and they get so excited

2.they are acting so gedik when it comes to guys' matter.(like again???)

3.they like to cry.and shout.and acting like they are so beautiful or cute or pretty..

4.their mood cn easily changed especially when it's the time of the month...haha!!

5.they love sulking very much.and they want the guys to coax them

6.they like the romantic guys?well,ths is what i can't accept la...i mean,doesn't it get so 'menggelikan' when the guy said, "u're beautiful today..." so,tht means tht the girl only look good on tht day la??as in,b4 tht she looks the it??

7.they like to talk abt clothes.whether ur shirt are much better thn mine or vice versa...

8.they like gossiping abt many issues.if the issue is something good to be argued thn it's ok what if they're talking abt guys,e.g "tht guy looks handsome la" and the other said, "no!u dun have gud taste la.tht guy is much more handsome"

9.they really love taking pic.wht i cn see la,they like to make those 'muncung itik' when they're taking pic.then,they post tht pic on fb and their guy friends will comment on tht pic,"u look so cute la..."and the girl will be like, "oh,really?thanks2..." i mean la,like what??act,u look like an itik,seriously!dun do tht again!

10.they like to be praised.when a guy said,"girl,u are so cute"and the girl will like,"no,i'm nt la.ths is my real down to earth self and blablabla"and tht guy will say,"seriously,u are!dun deny it,dear!"huh~see what i mean?

11.they dun rily have prob bt they'll say tht they're having very2 big prob.haish!!u see,they're mixing their life
With their personal thing
And their friend's prob la

12.they like to quarrel and fight like a kid.e.g.they act like they want to kick their opponent bt they cn only slap or use unhealthy ways.

13.they cn be so caring and selfish at the same time

14.they'll try to put the blame on others even if it was them who did wrong

15.they like to talk abt whether they are fat or nt. Act,they are so thin bt they want to say tht they're fat and then,they go fr a diet.i mean,they use an unhealthy diet.tht can't be forgiven la.and some of them suffer frm aneroxia nervosa just fr the sake of nt becoming fat.haishh!ouh!nt to forget,they like to talk abt their height...and claim tht they want to be taller??

Well act,
I've got more to share
Bt that's it je la
Saya suda malas mau type ni
So,to girls sorry if most of
These thing x btol.
And if btol pun,
Try to change ths perception la
Just drop a comment,ok?

To guys juga,
Jgn nak bangga sangat,ok?
you guys also ada weaknesses jga
So,dun think tht ths post
Was meant to condemn the girls

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