Sunday, July 17, 2011


Last week,i've faced many things.
I lost my earphone,
I didn't do my hw,
I sleep in class most of the time,
I wake up late,
I sleep so early,
Dll lagi lah..

As fr last friday?
It such a worst day lah.
Guess why?

1.i woke up late bt i get to be the first onboard
2.i hate the oily!
3.i've been sleeping in class
4.i found out tht someone try to add me on fb! a list of pokers!haishh!
6.i have health prob and feel like dying
7.and last bt nt least,i'm bored..huh~

Yeah,i know tht u'll say wtv,
Urm,that's it la...da~

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