Friday, July 22, 2011


we have the conference
as well as award giving ceremony...

why do we have award??
ok,the best thing is,
some people will get motivated
with tht kind of thing..

bt to those who don't get tht award,
they might feel,
urm,let's say it ths way la..

rasa rendah diri sbb x dapat...

yup!!something like tht la..
more or less..
if we have to give tht award,
we cn do it in a close ceremony only..
ths is to prevent
mereka yg x dapat tu,
frm getting down
and thus,lower their self-esteem

no one would care with
my point,anyway!!
i'm just a person
who try to point out 
what's in my head...

that's it..

my friend say tht,
i'm acting nice in front of my dad??
is it??
i thought tht it was in front
the teachers only??

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