Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guys!!!pay attention!!

Since i've shared my opinion abt girls,
So now i want to say about guys la...


1.they like to flirt with any pretty doesn't matter whether they've already had gf or the girl already has bf.

2.they are so's hard to find a guy who cn ask fr forgiveness if they did or didn't do anything,there're also some nice guys who is just so innocent,asking fr forgiveness most of the time.

3.they like to interfere other people,the girl is dating tht guy and they the other guys will talk abt tht matter and try to 'help' solving the prob...act,it doesn't need them to do tht la.huh~so immature...guys!!pliz stop 'jaga tepi kain orang'!!!can u do tht??\'s hard fr them to accept advices frm others.they always think tht they're right even if they're wrong,actually!!

5.they are so impatient.most of them are hot-tempered even if they don't admit it.they get mad easily and they tend to release their stress to anyone who get in their way.

6.some guys act like they're the truth is,they're just like a crybaby.when small thing happens,they just cry over it without trying to find the they didn't do tht in front of girls or their loved be honest,guys are more sensitive thn girls!i mean, seriously!

7.they like to act calmly and act,their hearts are being attacked by the tornado.haha!! Ths apply to most of the guy la.why dun they just be their own self and stop being hypocrite,right??if they feel like they're having prob,just let it be need to pretend,ok?just solve it the way it suppose to be!

8.they like to lie.most of the time,they will lie abt certain in hard situation,these guys won't admit wht they've been,they'll start lying and making unbelievable stories which doesn't make sense la sometimes...

9.they like to be in grouping.the so-called popular guys will only befriend with their popular mates.that means,the nerdy or the nt so popular guys only get along with their type only.see what i mean?even the girls cn get along well with everyone!!

10.they like to dress up nicely and the so called handsome style.they take long time to get themselves ready fr an outing,fr example.ths is real bt sometimes people think tht it's wrong.there's a word which states, "reality bites" .bt as i always mention,ths appearance ethics doesn't apply to every guys la.

11.guys like to waste their time doing unimportant things like,playing games all day long or chatting 24 hrs.i mean,girls do tht too bt only to some extent la...

12.some guys just love to eat.they dun really care abt what type of food as long as it cn satisfy their feeling of sensation.nt to forget,hunger too what the girls really dun understand is tht,guys dun gain weight no matter how much they eat.i think tht is why,some girls are so jealous with guys over ths matter.

13.frankly speaking,guys do sulking.and they want the girls to coax them.ths is so nt gentleman.bcoz,if the both of them are sulking,who will clear the whole thing??get what i mean??

14.lastly,some of guys like to,urm let's say it ths way, "suka mengungkit" la...when a guy clash with his partner,he'll ask the girl to return all his example,the token of their love,maybe??however,guys did tht too on their example,if a guy get into a fight with his bestfriend,he'll ask the bestfriend to return the birthday present tht he gave him b4.should we call these guys as 'buruk siku'??haha!!

So,that's it la...i've been asking many guys abt their weaknesses .so guys,pliz!!!tell me if these are wrong.just have to drop a comment,okay??and if it is true,pliz change urself fr the better la..

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