Monday, July 25, 2011

2 hours~

i cried fr 2 hrs,
frm 5.20 pm to 7.20 pm,
because of a small matter,
which is,
someone scold me,
and say, "kau ni jahat la.."

and i knock my head against the wall,
like what my bestfriend always did,
kicking my bed,
punching the lamp,
breaking the table,
and so on la..
i was abt to kick the door,
when it come into my mind tht,
people would hear tht..haha!!

idc if u want to say tht to me,
bt use a slow intonation la..
bt dun use tht intonation of anger la..
i can't take it..
i hate it when people
getting mad at me,

see what had happen??
u guys cn do wtv to me,
bully me,
kill me,
hurt me,
or 'kutuk2 saya'
bt dun scold me la..
it is my weakness,
have to accept it la kan...

after all,
u guys are my close friends,
and u guys are supposed
to know my weaknesses,
urm,nvm la..
i'll try nt to be so weak again..

i think tht will be my last time la,
won't do tht anymore,
thanks fr those who gives me support la..
u guys are cool,man!!

p/s:i hate 24th of july...seriously!!

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