Friday, September 16, 2011

english much???

it's me here.

i'm going to talk abt yesterday la.

i did an oral entitled 'Friends'
i was a bit awkward,
since my teacher recorded it
using a handycam???
like seriously??

and i was a bit panic,
and i'm nt well-prepared la.
i didn't write any script.
those words just come out frm me
without my concern.haha!!

anyway,after the oral,
i rushed back to class,
coz i thought tht
it's already time fr CALCULUS!!

bt since i was rushing,
my papers dropped.
i mean,3 times i think??

i was abt to let the paper there,
when someone came 
and help me.
well,thanks again
to tht person!!

it's gud tht no one saw
the incident.phew...
if nt,people might think tht
i'm nt a REAL gentleman.

after tht,
i rushed back to my class
and find no one was there.

so,i called my friends
and they said tht they're at the hall.
i called my 'bulu2'
and she said tht
she's already in calculus class.

so,guess what did i do??
i didn't want to go to
the calculus class,alone!!

so,i went to the hall,
and they said they have a shooting.
so,i stayed with them fr a few mins.


i got an idea.
i tried to persuade ths guys to go with me.
and,it works!!!
i know tht it would la..

few mins later,
i found myself,
looking at the slides,

what the hate??(wth)
i don't get it.
what theorem??
and what's what??

so,i just doing nothing.
eating and drinking.

anyway,on our way back to kpz,
we went to pc fair at pusanika.

didn't buy anything.
just a slice of cheese cake la.

i waited fr the bus,
for half an hour,i think??

reached kpz and,
it such a day~

sekian,terima kasih.

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