Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missing u~

Hello there??
Howcha doing??

As fr me,
I’ve been missing my old self.
The very ME that seems to be lost
Frm my present self.

I wish I can be the ‘apam’
Who will be there,
For everyone who needs my help.

I wish I can be the ‘apam’
Who are a happy lucky person.
Didn’t really care about
What’s happening around.

I wish I can be the ‘apam’
Who keeps talking,
Like most of the time..

I wish I can be the ‘apam’
Who are so ‘peramah
With every friend tht I have.

I wish I can be the ‘apam’
Who are so GEDIK
And who really enjoy
To annoy others..
I mean,much annoying thn now.

I wish I can be the ‘apam’
Who are so caring
Takes care of my friends
Who fell sick and so..

I wish I can be a good friend,
Like how I used to be before..

Seriously!i do miss those times.
Maybe,living here in ths school,
Really changed me to another person.

Idk why but sometimes
I feel regret for being here.
But,Allah had destined me.
Maybe,I just have to let
Ths life of mine,
Flow along its path.

I’ll always remember tht,

Everything happens for a reason,ryte??

So,guess that’s it…

p/s:maybe,nt all of them were lost.
Some are still in me..
I mean,deep down in my soul,

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