Saturday, September 24, 2011


heyya there.
today,i want to share abt 
events tht happened yesterday.

we have a grooming talk.
oms!!!(ouh,my smurf)
matilah saya..

i mean,
i don't think tht i need to be groom la..
it's nt tht i don't know how to,
it's because i don't want to..

if i really have to change,
i think i need to throw away all my clothes,
la kan??
all my clothes are so baggy..
i mean,besar la kan???

besar x topi budak ni??

some of them might nt be too big..
bt only some je la..
so,i choose nt to change myself.
i mean,
i'm just nt ready to be
a new person la kan??

i love the way i am!! :)

bt i think,
i already got an image la fr myself.
which is,
a hoodie!!!
i love to wear hoodie
coz i feel secured when no one
can really see my real expression,
or at least,
people can't simply read my mind..
i hate tht...

and one thing fr sure,
hoodie gave a mysterious look,

assalamualaikum... :)

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