Saturday, September 17, 2011


whatcha doing???
(obv,sleeping ryte???)

do u have a pet??
i mean an animal tht u kept??

my adik asked me to take 
a sugar glider as a pet.

it do cost a lot of money la,
if i want to raise ths kind
of animal.

if u want to know,
what animal is sugar glider??
u can just google it la..

bt,ths is how it looks like,

my bro said tht ths animal
is much more cuter thn hamsters.
i mean, i haven't seen one.

fyi la kan,
i never breed any pet 
since i was small.
my grandma said tht,
having a pet is only a burden.

coz we have
to clean up the mess,
to feed it,
to play with it,
and the list goes on la..

i think i don't deserve to own any pet la.
i'm nt a responsible person,anyway.

what can we do
with ths animal???

my adik said tht we can take pic with it,
like ths,

so,maybe i don't have to
take a pic alone la kan??
IF i did rear ths pet.

bt seriously,
no thanks!!
i need to use money fr my
own need.

after all,
it's difficult la to tc of ths animal.
it got special care
and need special diet.

anyway,that's it.
thanks fr reading.
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

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