Saturday, September 3, 2011



i guess everyone is still in
raya mood,ryte??

well,ths yr,
i got many visitors coming to my house.
mostly,are my relatives la kan??

just so u know,
when i lived in kuantan,pahang
nt many people comes to my house.
sincc my relatives are mostly live
in southern zone,
leaving me and my family,
the only one who lives in east.

they will only come to our house,
during holiday season
when they are on vacation to the east coast region.

if nt,they will not come la kan..
afterall,me and my family don't really mind,
coz we know tht,
living far from our hometown,
tend to make us having less guests.

that's it fr the craps today..
gonna go first la..
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

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