Tuesday, September 13, 2011


what's up??
it's me,here.
wanna share abt what happen

i was still in my room around 8 pm,
when suddenly i felt like having tomyam.

so,i found my 'bulu2'
who was in 0987's room.

i asked her to accompany me,
since they said tht 
we can't go out on our own,
at nyte.

so,after having our meal,
we're chatting abt those guys
who went to stadium.

i told her tht it would be great
if we went to watch the fireworks.

so,we end up
boarding the zon 2 bus,
and stop at PK,
since the bus doesn't go 
along stadium route.

the moment we get off the bus,
the zon 3 bus came,
and we quickly get inside it.

so,the journey continues until,
we get off at puri pujangga.
so,we have to walk a few steps away la
frm the stadium.

it's gud tht we're safe,
since we didn't bring our phone.
her phone was with someone in the stadium.
my phone too was nt with me.

so,we watched the performance.
bt since it's already 9 o'clock,
we didn't get to watch our
friends marching.

there's ths song,
which reminds me of my old friend.

Menyusun tari ala tari,sembah diberi,
Cergas tangkas ala sayang,gerak dan geri,
Menjunjung tinggi amboi tinggi,seni sejati,
Pusaka asli ala asli,hai ibu pertiwi.

when i was form 3,
we had ths dance workshop.
and that was when my friend use ths song
to do a kontemporari dance.
my group used another song.
forgot already la..

guess what do we do there??

our main point,
was to watch the fireworks.
so,that's the only thing,
tht i enjoyed la kowt??

tp,memang sekejap je pun.
pemergian yg x dirancang
la kowt??haha!!

so,on the journey back,
we took the 6k/6z bus.

i dun want to,
u know??
menyibuk dalam bas budak2 ni??
that's why we didn't go back with them la.

so,that's the end..
sekian,terima kasih. ;)

p/s:x bestnya x bawa camera..huhu~

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