Friday, December 23, 2011

21st december 2011~

happy birthday!!
to my ibu..

it's the first time,
we didn't give her anything.
not even a single card.

it's my kakak punya kerja,
to do that..
she'll make ths hand-made birthday card,
or at least buy something.

when it's only me and my adik,
both of us just don't have initiative la..
anak yg kejam~

bt at least,
my adik is the first one to wish my ibu.
my abah kerja malam,
so my adik la yg wish dulu masa malam tu..
i'm much worst la kan??
only wish my mum in the evening..

as usual.
my parents' birthday is nt like 
my birthday nor my kakak nor my adik..
we don't celebrate it tht much,i suppose?

after buying few slices of cake,
it's only 4 people,why should we buy a big one?
then,we went to kfc.
had a zinger burger.
was suppose to eat 2 pieces of ayam too,
bt i'm really full la..
save tht fr night!! :)

bought strawberry kat tesco..
terasa nak makan strawberry choc da..
tp sampai hari ni,
strawberry masih ada dalam fridge..

after that,
i had ths durian.
gila la mahal..
sebiji durian=rm33??
gila la..
mmg musang betul la durian ni..

tp,sedap la jga..
boleh la..
i like durian very much pn kan?

at night,
we went fr malacca cruise.
as boring as it could be,
i almost die of boredom..

once tried the putrajaya cruise and kuantan cruise,
i'm nt into menyusuri keindahan sungai,ok?
i prefer to be in the hutan hujan.. :)
or somewhere like penuh dgn pokok.. 

ouh yup!
the neighbour tht i told u b4,
the one tht we usually go with 
during holidays..

spent a great time jga la..

after the cruise thingy,
we went to kolam air panas..
somewhere dalam hutan kowt??

as HOT as it could be,
rasa macam kena rebus dalam periuk je..
bt since,
i've got ths really strong will,
i'm the TOUGH one la kan?

i resisted the hot water..
the first one to get into the water,
at all times..

masa kecik2,
i selalu mandi guna water heater,
nasib baik benda alah tu rosak..
that's how i learnt to use cold water,
utk mandi masa pagi2...
hidup asrama kan perlu berdikari??

i mean,the others
can't really stand the hot water la..
i should be proud of myself,
shouldn't I??

we got back frm the kolam,
around 2 kowt??
balik rumah,mandi jap..
and sleep..
tp,pukul 3 kira awal lagi kan??
so,i tido pukul 5 pg la..

so,that's how the day goes la...
that's it..
sekian,terima kasih. :)

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