Sunday, December 25, 2011

maher zain LIVE~

writing ths post frm ipoh.

departed frm seremban around 10.55 am.
reached ipoh by ETS at 2.35 pm.
first time of using ETS.

kind of fun,actually.
watched harry potter and the chamber of secret...
the speed's truly remarkable.
at one time,
it can reach 150 km/h.
fast,ain't it?

tried to sleep.
bt one moment,
my dad called.
then,my mum txt.
then,my dad text,
and my sis called.
my mum called,
my sis texted me..

if i took the bus,
it might take 6 hours,i think?

so,the main reason is
NOT to visit my sis,obviously..
my intention is to watch maher zain live concert.
it's FREE..
sape xnak pergi kan?

at first,
we took a seat somewhere at the back la.
bt,it's me kan?
i went alone to find
a place somewhere in the front.

dapat la tempat depan pagar betul2.

he wore a baju melayu at the end of his show.
colour purple taw!!

guess what?
had tomyam earlier for lunch.
my sis cook it.
bt it's nt really spicy la..
more chillies should be added.

went to ths kilang coklat too la..
free tau sebab baru buka..
bought some,for MYSELF!
x sangka epal + choc = sedap jga...

slalu makan ngan strawberry je..
so,nak beli buah epal dan pisang nnti.
and makan ngan choc!!

i think of changing my no to digi la.
i mean,my special someone use digi.
seriously,what were u thinking?
it cost a lot la to use maxis-digi.

bt then,
my KG friends use maxis.
it's hard to make a choice,u know?

so that's it la..
sekian,terima kasih.

not going to be available on phone.
i don't want to waste money on topups la.
after all,no one's going to text me,anyway.

the person in the screen remind me of someone.don't u think?

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