Monday, December 12, 2011

cameron highlands~



tgk ladang teh!hihi!

went to cameron highlands.
been years since i went there last time.
was it 2007?
maybe la..
bt tht one,
i went with two other families
which is my neighbours in damansara ktn.

akhirnya,jumpa ladang strawberry org melayu.. :)

my family usually went anywhere
with these two families.
lepak2,wandering around kuantan,
holidays,wedding ceremonies,
also BBQ.
we had a quite close relationship la..

jom makan ais krim strawberry dulu!sangatlah sedap. ;)

back to my main point.
woke up pretty early tht day.
too many distraction.
forced to,actually..

walked to my sis house
coz we need to fry some karipap.
at first,
i thought tht she's the one who will fry those stuff.

bt then,
i was the one end up frying..
whatever la,i don't really care pn..

guess what??
bought a strawberry.
might be called pillows la..
so now,
i have strawberry and my kura2..
ngee~ :)

my nenek suruh buang kura2..
obv la,i can't..
it's a kenangan la...
msti la simpan baik2!! 

main hide and seek plak kat rose valley!
rasa nak petik2 je bunga kat sini.
sangat cantik2 lah!!

i don't like teddies or dolls.
that's why i prefer to have animals like kura2,
or fruits like strawberry
for my soft toy.
when i was a kid,
i still one la..
someone told me tht those teddies 
might come alive at night la.

that's why la i don't have one.
there's ths movie called 'chucky',i think?
the doll came alive and killed its owner..

i get to eat strawberry with choc!!
sangat sedap!!
banyak juga la makan..
around 18 biji jga la!!
brought back ais krim malaysia
perisa strawberry,
and also the fresh fruit itself la.

nampak x headphone yg my sis pakai tu?
it's nt mine,obv..
haha!it's irony when both of us sama2
wear headphone masa jalan2..
pelik2.. :)

bt as usual,
the fruit doesn't stay fresh
once it's away frm CH.
so,didn't bought tht much la.
just a few...

bought some lollipops too!
strawberry flavor!!
sangat sedap...
gonna give to certain people la..
kalau masih ada la nnti..
i mean,
it's 20 days more to school..
i might end up eating all the lollies. :)

that goes my day in cameron highlands la.
i went to ths toilet to wash my face.
and the water is so cool..
i feel like my face macam dah kebas je..
rasa kena freeze dalam fridge pn ada gak..
it's like,
someone injected ur face with ubat bius.

balik frm CH,
singgah jap kat Kinta Mall kowt nama diberi.
tp ada jusco la..
my sis bought a new phone!
dapat dr beat skali..
ingatkn dapat headphone,
harga rm499.
baru nak songlap...
rupanya,earphone je..
xpe la.. :p

banyak game kowt!
my adik punya SGace yg x hebat pn,
x boleh lawan my sis punya phone..
tp,my sis xde la terror bab2 android ni..
bajet tuan punya online diary ni pandai je..

sekian,terima kasih. :)

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