Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hye there..
urm,guess what??
last nyte,i went to KLIA with my family,(obv)
to celebrate my atuk sedara's homecoming
frm Medina(that's what the board says).

hehe!!nampak macam seram kan?

it's my first time to go there..
so,it's a bit 'jakun' la..
(jakun is in javanese.)

my nenek (right ) mmg x boleh senyum la..

so,while waiting fr the plane to land,
we went to mcd first!!
fries+mcdeluxe+mcflurry=i'm freaking FULL
b4 tht,
we did stop at hentian rehat seremban,
otw to klia.
already have coolblog there!!hihi!
so,u get the idea why i'm really kenyang la kan?
walaupn mmg dr pagi x makan..

makan3 sangat SEDAP!! ;)

got a few 'buah tangan' frm my atuk.
selendang,kurma and INAI!!
years ago,
me and my sis need to blend the inai leaves,
to wear it,
bt now,
we just have to push the inai thingy frm the tube,
and put it on our nails.

LIFE have been easy,nowadays huh~

ouh yup.
there's ths choc shop there.
and it's so awesome!
bt since it's too pricey,
i didn't buy anything la.
i mean,i can get more
if i bought them at LANGKAWI. ;)

sekian,terima kasih. ;)

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