Thursday, December 8, 2011

excalibur 0812~

happy birthday,sayangs!!
8th december hmm~

xde my pic rasanya..

u guys once said tht
"once an excalibur,always excalibur"
so,i'm still one la kan??
thanks.. :)

cara kita~with the CLAP..
happy birthday to u,
happy birthday to u,
happy birthday to EXCALIBUR.........
happy birthday to u!!!

last yr,
i celebrated it at ukm,
since i've to go to tht PCS...
tht sweet moment~
teringat plak kat cikgu KTP3,
thanks cikgu sbb tlg belikan kek,
dan soft drinks,
dan jajan..

well,mostly are my adiks la..except fr a few..klas kitorg mmg terlampau best ar.. :)

terharu giler..
i was the only one celebrating it
in da class,
coz my classmates don't have
an idea of what a birthday batch look like..

last 2 yrs plak,
i celebrated at time square.
bestnya main roller coaster!
then,main langgar2 kereta.

bt ths yr,
i didn't celebrate it anywhere la.

i baked some muffin today.
well,vanilla muffin with blueberry filling.
taste good like the kenny roger's punya..
walaupn sangat kecik dan comel,
since i didn't use the big cup..

made it fr my sister..
was abt to make some kek batik too,
bt there's NO esen vanila la..
u know,
i'm nt tht kind of person
who would shop fr tht stuff..
obv la i will buy jajan,kan?

urm,that's it la..
sekian,terima kasih. :)

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