Friday, December 23, 2011


guys don't do diet,do they??

my adik said tht he's really gemuk..
and i was like,what??
bunyi macam hint je dye ni??
ada yg free2 kena blasah ni karang?

he started to not eat late at night,
he started to jog..
i mean,c'mon la!!
it's me who was supposed to do tht..

to make it worst,
he started to reduce his calorie intake..
adoiyai..kelakar betul la my adik ni..

i think la kan..
betul la..
i terambil my adik punya 'Y' chromosome la..
tht makes me,'XY'..
and he gets the 'XX'.
tolongla faham..

congrats to my adik la..
even if he didn't really study..
did not go to tuition centre,
he managed to get good result fr his PMR.

even if it's nt tht good,
at least no C kan?
i'm proud of u even if i don't say it..

much better kowt dr his upsr..
he's nt really good in english,science and sejarah.

same like me la..
it's just tht i LIKE sejarah more thn i could have imagined.
my english is kind of terrible.
another different is tht,
i like science really much la kan??

so,that's it la..
sekian,terima kasih. :)

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