Friday, February 3, 2012

love is NOT in the air~


How can i love
when i'm AFRAID to fall...

i answered this one quiz
here's the result...

What Kind Of Love Is In Ur Heart??


You have phillia love!!! 
This is the kind of love between close friends. 
You are always there when you're needed 
and you'd do anything to protect your friends. 
You are very loyal and wouldn't dream of betraying someone. 
You really care about others and are willing 
to make friends with anyone who asks. 
Maybe even those who dont ask!

And i was like, what???
maybe bcoz i've got friends
who are having probs with
this kind of thing kowt??
that's why i'm becoming like this..
not trusting people over ths matter..

i hope tht the result ain't TRUE la kan??
i x percaya sangat sebenarnya..
but the main purpose people
do this sort of personality quiz,
is so that they know more abt themselves.
I don't know myself much.
That's why i did the quizzes.

moving on next.
I took another quiz.

Do u love urself??

You totally love yourself

You love yourself and take care of your mind and body. You are high on self-esteem and confidence.

I believe that,
I love myself too much,
that i forgot to love others.

sekian,terima kasih. :)

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