Friday, February 10, 2012

mr smiley~


Are u a smiley??

You are a smiley

You are a smiley. You love to smile most of the time. You have a smiling attitude towards life.

Am i a smiley??
coz sometimes i think i'm not,
sometimes i am...

most people say that,
their first impression of me is,
i'm an arrogant person.
and i was like,what??

ok!this is a bit perasan..but,whatever!

i mean,
i can always talk to anyone,
if i want to talk abt important things la.
it's not that i avoid to have conversation with others.
even if i never talk to this person or that person,
when i need to talk over important matters,
i WILL!!

u don't have the right to judge me la..
saya sangat peramah,ok??

if u talk to me,i'll talk to u back.if u smile to me,i'll do the same!!

sekian,terima kasih. :)

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