Sunday, March 11, 2012


i'll never forget this date, 

it's a very sad day fr some people
especially my friends kowt?

first time in my life,
i lost a friend.
death has separate us apart.

i thought that it was a dream.
i told myself that this can't be happening.
bt this is in reality.

unlike those sinetron in astro,
if a person are said to have died,
at the end of the story,
she'll be alive,
just lose her memory..

bt that obv doesn't happen in reality,
of course.

arwah died on friday.
such a blessing.
banyak manfaatnya..

i just wanna say that,
u're a really great friend.
if u can see us now,
u'll know how much ur friends love u,
miss u,
and how much they need u..

but we can't go against the fate.
may he and his family be placed among the righteous.
semoga adik dia beroleh kesejahteraan hidup..
and i hope all of us can meet again,
in Jannah,insyaAllah!

al-fatihah buat arwah~

p/s: won't put his pic here coz i don't want anyone to
be really sad,again
looking at his pic.
i don't want anyone to meratap.
let him rest in peace...

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