Sunday, March 25, 2012

The mines~

I went to the mines.

Had a great time there.
I was accompanying my friend,actually.
I don’t really want to go fr outing,
Since I’m going OUT today..

Bt anyway,
I got to watch them play bowling.
Been a while since I play it,
So I decided nt to join la..

Went to the arcade.
Haha!got to play with the Tekken.
I’m really good at that kind of game.
Fr sure la,I win kan?
Maklumlah,kecik2 lagi memang da main haiwan tu.

I don’t play games like CS
Because I don’t like it when u use machine
To kill people.
I mean, c’mon!

Guns are machines,right?

Strong and tough people,
Don’t need those kind of things to KILL.
We just need our own body..

And my first time taking the cruise there.
They said it’s a cruise bt I prefer to call it boat.

3279 is kind of sweet la.
I never know tht.
Got to know our adik ipar kowt?
I mean, k7 punya adik ipar.
It was supposed to be kakak ipar
Since he’s the eldest in our class..
Bt this is a weird situation.hehe!

gambar muka x bleh letak untuk menyembunyikn
identiti gf 3279.haha!
talking abt secret and privacy!

Bt, seriously!
Kesian kat kawan gf dye.
Keep following her around
And sometimes at a point,
She’s alone..
I mean,
When 3279 walked together with his gf.
So sweet..

I told 3456 to walk with the lone f4,
Bt then I reminded him again.

kalau sappy  tahu, habis ar kau…

Kejam x?
I know..

After all those stuffs tu,
Balik la ukm.
Singgah sat kat dektar.
Jalan2 cari food.
Bt 3279 punya gf,
Of course ar trus balik kan?
Penat la kowt?

Dan malam tadi tido sangat AWAL!!!
Solat isyak je trus pengsan.
Bajet je la nak bangun pukul 11 utk study.

Sekian,terima kasih. ;)

p/s : 3456 x nak belanja coklat pn?

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