Friday, March 23, 2012


am i really unfriendly?
an incident happen,yesterday..

"hi, JIHA!"

"hi...jap2,kau buat2 lupa ey?sampai hati"

"dah kau yg BISU..."

and i was like, did I?
well, the truth is,
i do it purposely.

i don't want to accept the fact that
my friends are forgetting me..
i didn't forget them.
just the names..

i think i'm a really cruel person la kowt..
*in da world,maybe?

we once hang out together,
had lunch together,
study in the class sama2,
main bingo guna calculator sesama,
jalan2 sesama,
macam2 la..

i know i've changed too much.
i wonder when did i start changing fr the bad..
thought tht i'm supposed to be a better person..

sekian,terima kasih... ;)

p/s: i think i'm gonna start to tegur org kowt frm now on..
greetings ain't tht hard pn.. 

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