Friday, August 26, 2011

4 hrs~

hello there,peeps!!

haha!what did i do today?
urm,nothing fun..
slept at 4 am.
woke up at 5 am fr sahur.
waiting fr azan subuh.
slept again frm 7 until 10..

got a place to keep ur eyes inside
eyebag da..
my mind is nt in a gud mood...
can't think rationally..
only acting insanely,as usual..

since raya is coming soon,
my inbox is always full,
those wishes,
and yeah,u name it la...

appreciate those wishes..
however,i'm still waiting fr greeting cards
frm these persons
whom i told them to SEND the card to me..

if both of u didn't send me any,
just wait and see la..
something's going to happen at kpz.
maybe,some rooms are going to burn?
who knows,ryte?
nah,just kidding la..

so,till then!!
da~sekian,terima kasih.. ;)

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