Thursday, August 11, 2011


we had an invitation to
ths occasion which is,
'majlis berbuka puasa'
located at kompleks seri perdana,

everyone was taking pic everywhere
including my 'bulu2'
and guess who got to be her
yeah,it's me la obviously..

bt i won't write abt tht la..
what i'm trying to point out is,
each one of us got
a tupperware of chocs!!
mine was given to the 'bulu2'

and our menu was
nasi beriani,i think??
and also some sort of porridge.
they called it, bubur lambuk

and i also met one of my seniors,
who was smiling to me
when she saw me.
i was surprised la kan..
u see,
seniors do hate me 
when i was in tht school.
so,i was thinking la kan..

"biar betul??"

pape je la..
i just have be optimistic la kan??
baik sangka suda..
anyone cn change fr better,right??
excluding me la kan??
since i'm too bad already..

last nyte,
we didn't go fr tawarikh..
we departed back to kpz,
around 9 la..

when we're back,
they said tht our moreh was only
murtabak and roti john,
so me, and 'bulu2'
just went upstairs
and had shower la kan..

she told me tht 
we also have soto fr moreh...
and i was like,what??

tp2,ayah saya buat lg sedap la kan??

so,we rushed down and start to 
stuff ourself with food..
as u cn see,soto got
the so-called sambal kicap,
am i ryte??

i took 3 full spoons of tht,
as everyone said tht,
it's nt tht spicy..

imagine when i eat tht??
pedas nak mati kowt!!siot nya..
and now, i have to bear ths gastric pain..
gastric people can't really eat
food tht are too spicy...
ok,that's it..da~
sekian,terima kasih.. ;)

p/s:x sbar nak tunggu esok..


  1. i like that name!!bulu bulu...macam ulat bulu kan?!

  2. x payah nak pedas sgt la..:P
    nasi beriani tu..angpau ada?:D
    me went to orphanage yesterday..really great!!