Saturday, August 6, 2011


ok2!!ths is the sequel fr previous post.
on 2nd day,
we had

which was
quite tough jga la..
tp siyes,sngat skit kowt!!
it took me three days
to heal my leg cramps
which attacked me in the morning..

tepi3..tepi,depan belakang..tepi depan,tepi belakang,tepi depan belakang...
camtu la lagu dia..klaka2..
ingatkn kena menari zapin..
haha!!dah sedia dah kowt nak buat
rgam2 dlam zapin ni... :)
macam hebat sangat je menari zapin??

tht activity prepared our
physical and mental to do
the next activity..


"adik,tolak lagi kayu tuh"

rasa2 nya banyak kali kowt
dialog itu diulang-ulang kat saya..
maklumlah,saya sangat x serius..
boleh plak,tengah mendayung tu,
tetiba ketawa dan tersengih sorang2??

sbb tu asyik kena tegur je..hehe!!
sorry la,abang Is..
saya mmg x boleh serious ouh..
hidup kan kena slalu ceria??



otos is an activity which is called
One Team One Spirit...
we have to do backstroke and sit on the tube.
penat kowt..agak jauh la kan,sebenarnya??

as usual,i'm acting like a kid
coz i kept laughing frm the
first checkpoint until the last one..

frm the activity of OTOS and  water rafting,
i learned tht,
we'll always have someone in our life,
who would help us when we're having
hardtime..there's no need to be hopeless
and disprited just because of
the prob we faced...


ths activity are quite fun too la..
we have to climb the monkey bar,
crawling into the tubes,
and nt to forget,
playing with mud...hehe!!

frm ths, i found out tht,
in life,we would face many obstacles.
if we failed once,it's ok!!
try it again.until several times...
if u still fail,let it be,
u still have someone who will always support u,ryte?

ok!!just have another last part of the camp post..
ok!!da~ ;)

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