Monday, August 22, 2011

nasyid k7~

and again,haha!

wait,dun misunderstood me.
i'm nt laughing bcoz it turned out to be
some kind of worst.
bt i laughed at myself la..

i missed the beat 
and forget the rhythm tht i should be playing...
kelakar kan?
xpe la guys!
we did our best already,ryte? :)

well,that's nt it fr today!
as u cn see la kan,
i'm so tired today..
i spent almost an hour during sej exam
just to take a very short nap... ;)

and took another hour
sleeping in the library
until these guys woke me up 
frm my sweet dream...

last nyte,
i slept around 3+ in the morning.
that's why i'm so sleepy in school..

urm,that's it la..
couldn't wait to be home..


  1. err...
    Didnt u took 3 naps during Sejarah paper? Gotcha!er? Gotcha!

  2. 3 naps??how did it be tht way?i thought tht it was 2 times only?durh~