Monday, August 22, 2011


 Ouh,hi there!
Guess what?
The day b4 yesterday,my family came.
Hehe!best giler kowt!

At first,we went to bazar to buy some food.
we end up buying cempedak goreng,roti john
And burung puyuh?haha!

ala,makan seketul je pn..haha!!

However,I didn’t get to buy anything since I was
Busy looking and buying things fr my friends.
Some are, ayam percik,burger and murtabak.
3456 mmg sangat la demand...
Huh~err,nope!i did buy something la.
Some ‘mercun’ yang x berbahaya?
pop pop la.. ;)

then,my mum wanted to buy her handbag.
So,we went to mid valley by ktm.
It’s been a while since I last went there though.

Bought some food stocks fr me myself.
Bt I couldn’t find any Cadbury chocettes black forest.
Sedih2.. L

B4 tht,my mum showed some girl’s shoes
Since I didn’t buy any yet fr upcoming Aidilfitri.
And I was like, ????
xnak!!Macam perempuan…haishh!!

and then,she told me to have a pair of wedges
which she accidentally bought last 2 weeks.
Of course la I said no,kan?

Bt still,it such a tired day…
It’s gud tht the warden was nt mad at me.
Thanks to my abah lah fr calling her.

Ok then,

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