Friday, August 19, 2011

Dying alone in hard time of being hated~

If u ever find urself,
Dying of no reason,
There’s someone else out there,
Who’s dying too bcoz of u..

If u ever feel alone,
When there’s no one to talk to,
No one to share ur stories,
Stop worrying!
Coz there’s someone out there,
Who are alone too,
Just like u…

If u ever find urself,
In a middle of hardship,
Dun feel bad abt it,
Keep fighting,
Someone out there,
Are also having hard time,
Fr nt being there fr u..

If and only if,
U ever feel like everyone’s hating u,
Don’t get bother with it,
Someone out there are being hated too,
As he keep staying by ur side…

hak cipta terpelihara ™
sekian,terima kasih..

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